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Christ the Non-Dual Kabbalist

The most complete expression of non-duality in Judaism can be found in the authentic teaching of the Wisdom of the Kabbalah, which is nothing but an extended, non-dual commentary on the Old Testament. Indeed, the whole notion of the "Messiah" or "Christ," a word which Catholic non-dual mystic Bernadette Roberts defines as the (non-dual) "unity of God and Humanity," is itself a notion originating in the teaching the Kabbalah. What this means is that Jesus himself was the consummate teacher of this ancient path of practical-mystical non-duality. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Jesus Christ, as human history's greatest exponent of non-duality, is just the Kabbalah incarnate. Clear examples of non-duality among the revered masters of Kabbalah abound. To take only one of the most recent and prominent examples, Dr. Michael Laitman, writing from the perspective of the greatest teacher of the Kabbalah in the 20th century, the Baal HaSulam, writes, "If man acquires all properties of the Creator, all his desires, habits, powers, such a state is called merging with the Creator. It means that man becomes equal to Him. What does he create? By giving to the Creator, he creates himself ... or rather becomes the Creator's equal partner in creating himself." The Wisdom of the Kabbalah (according its traditional teachers, and not the pseudo-Kabbalah of certain commercial organizations that seek to profit from this ancient wisdom) just is the very non-dual Christ to which you are alluding in your brilliant talks. The path of Kabbalah, however, does not limit itself to mere talk, but offers the student a tried and tested spiritual path that can lived in daily life. This practical application of non-dual wisdom is solidly rooted in the Hebrew Bible, and leads directly to the highest and most sublime realization of non-duality. This is the very source of non-dual Wisdom from which Jesus drew in the Sermon on the Mount, as well as all of his other teachings, parables, and healings. The Gospels are permeated with the profound, non-dual insights and power of Kabbalah. I would love to speak with you on Zoom, or perhaps have a deeper correspondence with you, about the way that Christian Gospel is nothing more than the universalization of the non-dual Wisdom of the Kabbalah. I invite you, or anyone reading this message, to reach out to me for more information about Christ the non-dual Kabbalist.

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